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Ibiza Erotic Massage Girls

Ibiza erotic massages are an excellent way to combine relaxation with eroticism. From a sexy escort touching you in arousing ways to the muscle manipulation you need to release. You get the best of every facet of the erotic massage experience.

Types of Erotic Massages in Ibiza

Our erotic massage escorts are talented girls who know just how to help you relax and recharge. Whether you want to release tension for a good night’s rest or want to enjoy sensual pleasure, the encounter is always mind-blowing and focused on your total relaxation and erotic pleasure.

1. Tantra Massage

During a Tantra massage, your erotic masseuse will draw you in body and mind. The practice of tantra is designed to stimulate every one of your senses. And trust, your senses will be inundated with sensual pleasures.

2. Nuru Massage

Nothing can replace skin on skin contact except, full-body skin on skin contact. Your erotic massage escort will use a special gel on your skin and then massage your body with hers. Every part of you will be in contact with her, driving away any thoughts of your day that remain.

3. Ibiza Sensual Massage

Possibly the most popular erotic massage as it combines techniques from tantra and Nuru. Your erotic massage escort will employ several of her delicious talents during this erotic experience. Be vocal about what you enjoy and let your bodies response guide her.

4. Four Hand Erotic Massage

All of the above massages can be performed by not one but two gorgeous ladies with our duo escort services. But, why stop at massage when you have two gorgeous Amsterdam escort girls at your disposal.

5. Naked Ibiza Massage Services

All the above erotic massage services can be delivered by your escort naked. Some such as the Nuru even require it. Be sure to let your erotic massage escort know what your preferences are.